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Avantlink affiliate program : Best Affiliate Program Review 2021

Avantlink affiliate program

Avantlink affiliate program review


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Best Affiliate Program in the world

Who doesn’t want to be successful in the field the person is giving effort? In the field of affiliate marketing, it is true as well. But choosing right platform according to needs and expertise is not an easy task. Beginners and experienced affiliates need different affiliate program and network that suit their levels. We honestly do AvantLink Review.

Avantlink is a CPS(cost per sale) affiliate network designed in a way well-fitted for both the beginners and experts. With high conversion tools and robust reporting system, Avantlink has gained a place for loyalty to their clients. 

It has partnership with some of the big companies like big brands, REI, Patagonia, PHARMACA, Duluth Trading company which has made it reliable more. It has been working since 2005 headquartered in Utah.



How does it work

Avantlink affiliate program is the platform where merchants and affiliate marketers can interact easily through online. Merchants and affiliates both need to fulfill the requirements to start. Merchants have to give their program details, product details and commission related information. Then affiliate marketers can work further by choosing products well suited for them. That’s why we are doing AvantLink Review.

AvantLink Affiliate


Avantlink Merchants: 

Avantlink Merchants have to sign up and choose the country from the three options – The USA, Canada and Australia. After completion of all the processes, they get access to merchant panel when they log in. Here they can customize by setting up from the menu bars. If there is no sale, they need not to pay anything.  As an Avantlink merchants you have to pay a certain amount on sales, they get more fever than affiliates. Three packages are available for merchants- Basic Advanced and Expert and for this features we honestly do AvantLink Review.


Avantlink affiliate program

AvantLink Affiliate have to sign up and select a sub-network according to their choice. After the approval, they can go for choosing their suitable avantlink affiliate program. Affiliates get the chance to work for some of the best brands and avantlink merchants. Different advanced tools and technologies enable the success of the affiliates.


Ease of use

Avantlink is truly beginner friendly with their advanced tools and features. They provide vivid details about their features, merchants, their affiliate program as much as possible. So, newbies find it super flexible and easy to operate. 

Starting as an Avantlink affiliate is not a hasty process at all. You have to fill up the application, give required information, accept their term and condition. To start as an affiliate, you have to go through their requirements about your website on Avantlink. 


Features of Avantlink affiliate program


Real-Time Reports

Real time reports really helps you to observe your performance. If you are a merchant, it helps you to enhance the quality of your campaign. If you are an affiliate marketer, it helps to transform traffic into real customer. 

App market

With this elegant feature you can avail an access to a wide range of customers. Apps with various advertisement options, widgets and other important tools are available without any cost. Users can also build their own app. And the avantlink dashboard is user friendly and avantlink dashboard is easy to use.


How Avantlink Affiliate Program Works


Avantlink affiliate program Link Encoder

With this tool, you can easily add your affiliate links to different programs. Affiliate Link Encoder automate these time consuming tasks.

Whenever you refer any website, it automatically becomes an affiliate link. You can also transform a particular keyword into a link. So, whether you refer your merchant website or set any keywords, the link becomes an affiliate link.


Paid advertisement placement Of Avantlink affiliate

Paid ads on Avantlink is the great way to earn some extra cash. Using this feature, you can give information about the ad space on your website in detail. avantlink merchants can be bid against each other to avail the ad spot on your website. 

AvantLink Affiliate
AvantLink Affiliate


Pros and Cons Of AvantLink Affiliate


  • Availability of big brands and plenty of merchants
  • A great number of merchants.
  • avantlink dashboard is easy to use.
  • Advanced and highly effective tools.
  • Real time reports. 
  • User friendly avantlink dashboard.
  • avantlink merchants can be bid against each other.



  • Lack of customer support


avantlink logo


Best Affiliate Program in the world


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